Dear Angels, well the time is almost upon us - your three goodies MUST be in the mail no later than this Friday. If for some reason you are going to be late PLEASE contact your angel and let her know - as long as you have communicated with her I am sure she will be fine about it. With Christmas mail almost upon us be aware that parcels could take up to a month to arrive, if after this time they haven't then you can start hassling me to chase up your angels. I would encourage all of you though to make contact with your partners now by email and either reveal yourselves or at least let her know you have posted her package. I am getting emails everyday from concerned swappers who have had no contact at all from their Angels.

As a reminder the rules of the swap you signed up for (and therefore agreed to) are:

- you  must have a blog to participate (this is so we can try and find you when your halo drops, so partners can establish what you like and so you can publicly thank your angel when goodies arrive, and she then knows they have made it) (this does not apply to our 'blogless' list)

You must be willing to partner internationally 

- if your packages do not arrive and we cannot locate you your name will be permanently blacklisted from any further swaps and freely given to other swap divas who ask so PLEASE only enter if you are willing and able to complete your commitment. (this does not apply to life’s unexpected happenings – we all understand things happen, but it only takes a quick email to let us know and we will then understand and/or make other arrangements).

-The theme of the swap is Roses so all of the free projects will be small items featuring roses. You don't have to make the free projects but you do need to make three things of choice for your secret Stitcher. To make this fun we will keep your identity a secret! You can reveal yourselves anyway you like at the end of the swap.

-the final deadline for posting will be October 30th


It is good manners and helps to keep track of things to thank your partner when a parcel arrives. Do this on your blog so she can keep  track without revealing her identity. PLEASE PLEASE post your goodies on your blog with a thankyou there and directly to your angel when you know her identity.

Sorry if the tone of this message sounds harsh, but as many of you know a good swap is one where everyone follows the rules and joins in the spirit of the swap. As hostess I hear all the good and the bad and I really want this to be good for you all. I know  I am about to be barraged about fallen angels...so am getting in early to encourage you all to make this a great swap.

hugs to all angels out there


Lots of piccies showing up of all the yummy things flying around the world to you…..

stitchers Angel 2009 by muellerchristin46


angel swap 09 cmp by lovemymaisie

angel swap 1 09 cmp by lovemymaisie

stitching angel package arrived today by nanotchka