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Our range of Quilting laser products includes:

EPP Iron-on precut shapes for english paper piecing. Whilst many of our EPP Iron-on products are die-cut we are able to expand our range by laser cutting those shapes that are not so often used. We can custom laser cut any shape and size for your pattern needs. 

For custom designs the shape must not be a copyrighted design, however most individual shapes cannot be copyrighted as they are just a shape.

Please note that laser cutting of applique paper may produce a slightly burnt edge on the white paper. They may also have a slight burnt smell which will disappear over time.  We try to cut more than one layer at once to reduce your cost and this may also result in the layers being stuck slightly together, they easily peel apart for use. These are not defects and the cuts are very accurate.

We also produce Mylar templates for applique and EPP use. Mylar can withstand medium heat so applique paper shapes can be traced using them, fabric edges can be pressed and ironed over the edges and the previewers can be used to position and fuse epp iron on papers in place. 3mm Acrylic templates and rulers: for use with hand piecing, epp and rotary cutting for various projects and methods.

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