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We have a quality CO2 Laser machine capable of vector cutting, scoring and/or engraving up to 1000mm x 700mm size.

We can cut  a variety of substrates and are building our supply of stock. If we do not stock an item it may be possible to special order it in for you.

Our Laser machine is primarily for cutting our Applique paper and associated Quilting templates and notions. We are also however expanding into gift lines, embroidery accessories, custom signage and more.

We can cut custom shapes and material for you - please email for details and quotes. Pricing depends on several factors including but not limited to:

Material used (cost of material chosen)

Laser time (the time the laser takes to process and cut the file)

setup time/artwork loading (machine setup for job requirements, artwork file changes required)

Some laser facts:

Does it burn the material?:

Depending on the speed and power of the laser, the material can get slightly burnt around the edges of the cut and design. We optimise our power settings to keep these burn marks to a minimum, however from time to time they cannot be avoided. For paper and light coloured materials the burn is more significant and can also have a burnt smell. This smell will disappear over time but if newly cut it will be evident. It is not dangerous. Some base products have higher odours than others depending on what they have been made of.

What materials can you cut?

We can currently cut:

Applique paper

Cast acrylic (up to 6mm)

MDF (up to 9mm)

Veneers (up to 9mm)

Mylar template plastic

Plywood (up to 9mm)



Note: refunds are not available on custom laser jobs. 

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  1. Large Rectangle Signage
  2. Cut Out Signage
  3. Small Rectangle Signage
  4. Thread Bobbin Holder
  5. Stitched Heart Ornament
  6. SewPink Brooches
  7. Thread Holdersb
    Thread Holdersb

    From $7.50

    To $17.50

  8. Thread Holders
  9. Personalised Reindeer Napkin Holder
  10. Chocolate Tree
  11. 3" Janeen Embroidery Frame
  12. USB Flash Drive - custom laser gift
  13. Wooden Photo Album Box with USB Flash Drive
  14. Sandpaper Board
    Sandpaper Board

    From $20.00

    To $25.50

  15. Custom Round Cheese Paddles
    Custom Round Cheese Paddles

    From $24.99

    To $30.49

  16. Medium Rectangle Cheese Paddles
  17. Medium Bamboo Cheese Board - Phone Your Mother
  18. HNK Stitched Jewellery kits
  19. Medium Bamboo Cheese Board - To Mum With Love
  20. 4" Josephine Embroidery Frame
  21. 6" Janeen Embroidery Frame
  22. 4" Jacqui Embroidery Frame
  23. Coir Doormats
  24. My First Christmas - Custom Baby Names