Welcome to a photo step by step tutorial for those who learn better visually. This project was designed for a Tilda club project and there was limited space for pattern instructions and diagrams, plus  the construction technique is a little different to what you may have made before – so I took photos along the way to assist in the making up of your project. I do hope they are of assistance to you to make things  clearer.


jojo bag tutorial2


The first step is to complete your embroidery and hexie strip as per the pattern instructions. Then check and trim to size if required.

Fold your panel in half and mark the centre fold on each end. Do the same with your Template A foam pieces.


jojo bag tutorial3jojo bag tutorial4


Place your outer Template A pieces (fabric fused to foam) and lining Template A right sides together and stitch a 1/4” across the top straight edge. Turn lining to wrong side, press and edge stitch across the top.

jojo bag tutorial28

jojo bag tutorial30

jojo bag tutorial29


Match the centre mark of an end to the centre mark on your panel with the outer fabric right sides together with the linen. Pin. Stitch from the centre point bringing the linen panel around the curve until you reach the top. Return to your centre starting point and stitch to the other end.

jojo bag tutorial34

jojo bag tutorial35

jojo bag tutorial36

jojo bag tutorial37


Repeat for the other end. That will bring your bag up into a curved shape with both ends inserted.

jojo bag tutorial38

IF you turn it right side out it will look like this

jojo bag tutorial39


But keep it with the right side in like this:

jojo bag tutorial38


Take your lining rectangle and pin the short edge right sides together with the foam outer panel at one end. Note, it will be pinned just to the seam allowance once you get to the end panel. Pin well right around the curve until you reach the other top edge.

jojo bag tutorial42

jojo bag tutorial43

jojo bag tutorial49

Stitch using a 1/4” seam allowance which should be sitting on top of your previous stitching line backtacking at both ends.

When complete If you turn it out it will look like this – the raw edges of your end panel insertion are now enclosed.

jojo bag tutorial46

jojo bag tutorial48


Now comes the tricky bit – we need to do the same at the other end. So you need to take your lining panel right over the bag, squish and smoosh until you can get the other short end right sides together. pin and stitch again.

jojo bag tutorial50

jojo bag tutorial49


Once its stitched it will look like a ball of scrunched mess!  but turn it through and tada – you have a fully lined bag with the raw seam allowances enclosed..



Except for the top edges.



So we firstly want to trim those edges so they are all even distance from the top edge of your end panels. Use a ruler and rotary cutter and trim as much or as little as you wish, but make both sides the same. Ideally it will trim to 1/4” from a hexie seam.



approximately 1” from the top of the end panel.


Edgestitch to hold the lining and outer panel nicely together.




Turn right side out. Position a raw edge of your zipper on the inside of the bag – centred. – you will have extra hanging over both ends. Pin. Note: the teeth are  facing outwards towards you.

jojo bag tutorial62


Take a strip of binding and fold over a 1/4” hem on one end. Position right side against the zip. The folded end will be even with the end of your outer bag panel. Pin along the zip.

jojo bag tutorial63

jojo bag tutorial64


When you reach the other end, fold in the short end until it is even with that end of your outer bag panel.

jojo bag tutorial65


Stitch through both layers with a 1/4” seam. Remove pins.

jojo bag tutorial66


Repeat for the other side.

jojo bag tutorial68


Turn the long raw edge of the binding into meet the edge of the bag, and then fold again over the edge until it meets the stitching line on the outer side. Pin and slip stitch into place using a blending thread.


jojo bag tutorial67

Lastly trim your zipper to the desired length.

Place the stitched and prepared zipper ends over the raw end of your zip. (one embroidered and one fabric). Use a binding clip to hold or glue both circles together over the zip. Whip stitch together using a fine blending thread, or use a decorative glove stitch and your embroidery  threads.


jojos garden close zip end

jojos garden end


And there is your beautiful Jojo bag complete.

jojos garden front cutoutjojos garden flat lay

I’d love to see your work – please share in IG with hashtag #stitchwithhelen or tag me @helen_stubbings so I can see it and share….

If you haven’t yet made this project and would now love to you can order patterns and kits here when the copyright of the project returns to me March 1st 2021.

hugs and happy stitching,