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Designs using simple embroidery stitches are very easy to do and we include them in many different types and styles of projects. From the basic backstitch to a few slightly more challenging stitches they generally use thread to 'draw' an image or verse. Something for everyone from redwork to full colour embroideries, small framed pictures to large quilts.

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  1. Ballet Shoes
  2. Bunny
  3. Cactus
  4. Chair
  5. Cloud
  6. Dress Forme
  7. Elephant
  8. Flamingo
  9. Lamb
  10. Llama
  11. Mirror
  12. Mouse
  13. Needle
  14. Paper Plane
  15. Penguin
  16. Plane
  17. Porcupine
  18. Scissors
  19. Sewing Machine
  20. Shining Star
  21. Thread Spool
  22. Wheat
  23. Balloon Puppy
Grid List

23 Items

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