Remember this…


well I sent it to my brilliant sister and look what she did to it…

Hopefully you can see the magnificent quilting – I did just say do something quick and simple but she just cant help herself…Now I just have to write up the pattern but I think its going to have to wait until I return, only 3 sleeps to go and much still to do first.

But, I have decided on a name… there were so many great names offered but the one that spoke to me first was this one

Blogless me said...

I love the red quilt. Wish I had it - OK I'm daydreaming ;-)

"Belle of the ball" was the name I thought of within a millisecond of seeing the quilt. Hope you like it too.








Zlatka, please email me your details so I can send you a copy once its ready..

if you are in Houston pop by and have a look at it up close, but we might still be there sewing on the binding..

hugs, Helen